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Galaxy Tab Naming Explained

Galaxy Tab Naming Explained

When choosing which Galaxy Tab device we would like to use for our kiosk, there are a lot of different tablets to choose from – and it can be a little overwhelming! Admittedly it’s not made any easier with Samsung’s naming system, so here’s a quick guide to understanding just which tablet we are looking at!

With Samsung tablets, note that their tablets have (4) distinct portions for a model name:

1: Galaxy Tab Model
2: General screen size
3: Model year
4: S-Pen (most do not have S-Pens)


For example, here’s a tablet size for one of our enclosures:
Galaxy Tab A 10.1, 2016 Model

This enclosure is ONLY compatible with model: SM-T580 (2016 model), which is the model number for the above.

The enclosure would NOT be compatible with any other models, such as:
– GT-P7510 (first gen Tab 10.1, not a Tab A 10.1)
– SM-T530 (Tab 4 10.1, not a Tab A 10.1)
– SM-T515 & SM-T510 (these are Tab A 10.1, but are 2019 models)


If you’re still not sure which tablet we are looking at, please feel free to get in contact with us! Whether you have a screenshot or link to the tablet you’ll be getting – let us know BEFORE purchasing, and we woudl be more than happy to help you verify the tablet and confirm compatibility with our enclosures!

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