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Comparing the Amazon Fire HD8 6th Gen and 7th Gen

Comparing the Amazon Fire HD8 6th Gen and 7th Gen

Some of our customers have noticed how similar the Amazon Fire HD8 tablets are between the 6th Gen and the 7th Gen models, since:

– Length and width are the same
– Thickness only differs by 0.5mm (7th gen is thicker than 6th gen)

To compare both tablet models, here are some photos of the tablets one on top of the other to emphasize how close they are in size to each other:



Here are a couple more photos of the two tablets side by side:



The main difference to keep in mind are the individual tablets ports and jacks. Vidamounts are designed for the specific tablet they are made for. There is always space by the specific tablet’s ports and jacks – so that the cable can be connected and stay plugged in while inside the enclosure.

This means – if we are trying to fit the Amazon Fire HD8 6th Gen into the 7th gen enclosure – and we need the headphone port – we may need a dremel in order to accommodate for the different placement of the connection. Take a look at the pictures below:


On top is the Amazon Fire HD8 7th Gen – notice how the buttons and ports are slightly off, but the 3.5mm headphone ports is in a vastly different location compared to the Amazon Fire HD8 6th Gen.


Another thing to notice is the slight difference in the location of the Micro SD slot for both tablets.


Want to go ahead and modify the Amazon Fire HD 8 7th Gen enclosure, and fit your 6th gen HD8? Check out this blog article for modifications tips here:

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