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Modifying Vidamounts for Unsupported Tablets

Modifying Vidamounts for Unsupported Tablets

If you have technical staff / a handyman available, our VidaMount enclosures can be modified to fit the tablet on hand.  Please note that any and all advice given below is provided as courtesy, and is NOT provided with any warranties or guarantees of any kind.

Please review the following steps / possible procedure:

1. See the chart of VidaMount supported tablets here:

You need to choose a model that is close to the tablet on hand.


2. Once you have made a selection, you’ll need to:

A. Use a Dremel (or other wood carving tool) to REMOVE excess plastic material, if the enclosure is too small / rectangular hole for the tablet needs to be enlarged.

B. Add adhesive backed foam tape on the edges of the tablet / inside edge of the enclosure, if the enclosure is too large


3. You’ll need to use a Dremel/wood carving tool to cut an additional slot where the USB Charging cable / IO ports on your tablet may be, since it is likely these ports are in a different spot compared to the enclosure’s existing slots which were for the originally intended tablet.

Alternatively, if you have access to a machine shop with CNC / routing capabilities – this would provide the best results.


Here are some photos of an example of a modified enclosure, using Dremels / CNC machines:

Here are some photos of an example of adding material to fit the tablet into the modified enclosure:

If you do not feel comfortable using Dremels / CNC machines to modify the enclosure – DO NOT PROCEED.  These modifications require a certain level of technical skill – Instead : It may be best to select another tablet that is on the list of supported tablets to ensure a smooth, seamless experience.

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