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3rd Party Shipping Accounts: <br>New requirements effective 1/22/2018

3rd Party Shipping Accounts:
New requirements effective 1/22/2018

In order to provide our customers with the best service, we have a highly automated shipping system. This helps us to ship out orders on a timely and effective schedule. This way all clients can receive their orders in a timely fashion.

The Use of 3rd Party Shipping Accounts

Since our shipping process is highly automated, it is not set up for using 3rd party accounts. All of our shipping systems are extremely integrated to generate everything from shipping labels, commercial invoices, and cert. of origins automatically. Anytime a separate account is used, someone needs to manually create the paperwork.


Customer Cooperation

Effective January 22, 2018, VidaBox will no longer be able carry out the manual input required for using 3rd party shipping accounts. This is due to our high order volumes. However using a 3rd party account is still possible.

The process below will allow customers to be able to use a 3rd party shipping account.

**Please allow 1-2+ additional business days for processing.**

1. During checkout – you must choose LOCAL PICKUP, or select least expensive shipping method if LOCAL PICKUP is not available (We will refund the difference, minus a $2.50 handling charge).

2. Upon receiving the order confirmation, chat with us online, or email us and let us know you’d like to use your own Shipping Account (We do not need your shipping acct # at this time)

3. We will package the order, and once the package is ready; we will reply back with the Shipping Weights and Dimensions.  You can now use this information to generate and create a PDF of the shipping label.

4. Please send us / reply back with the appropriate PDF shipping labels.  For international orders using FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT, you must also include the matching / digitized commercial invoice entered in / created at the time of label creation. (Hint: Use the order confirmation to create the commercial invoice by copy-n-pasting the information into your label creation software).

IMPORTANT: Without the PDF label (+ commercial invoice for international orders), we cannot ship using a 3rd party account.  Our automated systems do not have the capability of generating labels using 3rd party accounts.

5. Schedule the pick up with the shipping / courier company whom you have an account with. Our address and hours are below:

VidaBox, LLC
125 Newtown Road
Suite 100
Plainview, NY 11803
Available Mon-Fri, 9a-6p EST

As a reminder: Please allow 1-2+ additional business days for processing if we need to use a 3rd party shipping account. Sometimes we have seen that it could take up t 4 days for the entire manual process to be completed.


Customer Convenience and Satisfaction 

We strive to provided the easiest and most seamless buying experience for our customers, especially when it comes to the complicated issue of shipping. Our automated shipping process allows us to provide this level of customer service to all of our clients.

This is similar to how other market places such as Amazon, Jet, Walmart do not allow for the use of 3rd party shipping accounts. Overall it is always more time efficient and convenient to use the Shipping services we provide on our website.

Sometimes installation deadlines can put us in a timing predicament. For customers and clients who are in need of the order shipping the same day, please select one of our shipping options on our website.

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