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The Basics of Wire Management: <br>A Tight Fitting Cable

The Basics of Wire Management:
A Tight Fitting Cable

Installing the Tablet and Corresponding Wires

Our VidaMount VESA Enclosures come with a unique wire and cable management feature. This allows customers and clients to connect a power, data,  3.5 mm audio or USB cable into the tablet inside the VESA enclosures. Once inside the VESA enclosure, the wires are securely hidden and protected from the commercial environment.

We mention in our VESA enclosure instructions to first plug all needed connecting cables into the tablet. Second is to then install the tablet into the vesa enclosure.  Often customers say that the wire or cable does not fit into the enclosures wire cutout. Or we hear that the wire is very tight or looks to be stressed within the enclosure.

Engineering Factors

Our enclosures are engineered to keep the power cord firmly connected into the tablet. By having the power cables strain relief abut against the enclosure, this relieves pulling tension from the cable. This effectively keeps the power cord in place despite tugging on the cord or a collision  or rattle to the tablet kiosk.

There are 5 types of stress the cable could be under

  1. Tensile (Pulling)
  2. Compression (Pushing)
  3. Torsional (Twisting)
  4. Shear (opposite directional acting forces)
  5. Combination of the 1-4

The enclosure naturally adds a small amount of compression to the curved relief of the power cable. This highly decrease the chance that any of the other stresses can remove or damage the cable once inside the enclosure and plugged into the tablet.

It is of the utmost importance to note that our enclosures are made to support only the OEM or manufacturer provided cable that comes with the tablet. Third party cables and wires are often times of a different size and dimension and will not fit. It is impossible to design and account for all the possible combinations of third party cables on the market, therefore we can only guarantee that the OEM  or manufacturer provided cable will work seamlessly with our mounts and enclosures.

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