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Glass Mounting Adhesive Failure

Glass Mounting Adhesive Failure

Help! My Permanent Glass VidaMount is Not Staying!

If improperly installed, our Permanent Fixed Glass and Permanent Tilting Glass VidaMounts will not be as “permanent” as they were designed to be. But fear not! Let’s understand how and why this could happen and also learn how to fix your kiosk or conference room setup. The Secret is not in the adhesive strips but the preparation for it.

You will need to reinstall the permanent glass VidaMount. New Permanent Fixed Glass adhesive kit and the Permanent Tilting Glass adhesive kit are available and will be needed. Once you have these new adhesive kits and the old adhesive strips have been removed, it’s time to try again. But this time we’re here to help.

Step 1: Cleaning the Glass (The Most Important Part)

Using the alcohol wipe, clean the glass surface where we will be mounting the wall plate. Be sure the surface is free of dirt, grime, or other debris to ensure a permanent installation.

Note: Take the time & effort to properly clean the glass surface. Any contaminants will compromise the kit’s adhesion strength. Additional cleaning may be required above and beyond using the supplied alcohol wipe to ensure the surface is truly clean.

Most likely, improper cleaning of the glass is the reason why the adhesive strips did not properly adhere to the glass. Also please do not use common glass cleaners such as Windex, Glass Plus, etc.

A) These cleaners often leave film and streaks, which is excess cleaner dried upon the glass. This excess cleaner will remain in between the adhesive strip and the glass, which will prevent full adhesion.

B) Also such cleaners will leave debris and residue from the cleaning wipe, paper towel, rag, etc. These fragments and extremely small pieces of the wiping cloth will add a layer between the adhesive strips and the glass.

Alcohol wipes are the best cleaner for our permanent glass adhesive kit and are included in the kit. This is because rubbing alcohol is volatile and full evaporates. This means it will not remain as a layer between the glass and the adhesive. Also the alcohol wipe does not leave (or hardly leaves) any fragments of the wipe behind after using it.

Step 2: Cleaning the Mount (The Second Most Important Part)

Next, wipe the back of the Wall Plate that will be mounted (both mounts shown below). Be sure the surface is free of dirty, grime, or other debris to ensure a permanent installation.

The second most likely reason for adhesive failure is due to improper cleaning of the mount before the adhesive is applied. As with the Glass cleaning, please do not use common glass cleaners such as Windex, Glass Plus, etc. for the above stated reasons in Step 1.

Step 3: Applying Adhesive for Mount Only

Apply the (2 or 4) adhesive strips onto the back of the wall plate. (Same surfaces as step 2) DO NOT REMOVE the backing tape yet. It is important to leave the backing tape on for as long as possible. This will prevent debris, fragments and other contaminants from coming into contact with an exposed adhesive strip surface.

Step 4:  Assemble the Tablet and Enclosure

Assemble the enclosure to the VESA plate, then mount it onto the wall plate WITHOUT REMOVING THE BACKING TAPE. Place it on the glass wall at your ideal, final position. Basically this will help provide an example as to what the finished installation location will look like.

Step 5:  Optimal Alignment

Be sure this position is satisfactory BEFORE proceeding. WARNING: ONCE THE ADHESIVE IS APPLIED, it will be EXTREMELY DIFFICULT / IMPOSSIBLE  TO REMOVE. After the optimal alignment and position of the glass mount is determined, you can move onto Step 6.

Step 6:  Optimal Alignment

Once you’re satisfied with the placement, we can now remove the backing tape. Adhere the mount directly onto the glass wall. The installation is now finished.

Enjoy the More Permanent Re-Install

It is always best to do things right the first time, but we know that life doesn’t always allow us to exercise this option. We hope that we have demonstrated the reasons why an adhesive strip failure has occurred. There is no shame in having to Re-Install the Permanent Glass VidaMount which you’ve chosen. In the words of W.E. Hickson “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again”

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