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New Secure Tablet/VESA Floor Stands

New Secure Tablet/VESA Floor Stands



Simple assembly and disassembly using only one tool (supplied) means our floor stand be assembled quickly. Its sturdy tubular steel construction can take the punishment of the trade show floor or retail traffic while keeping the charging cable securely hidden and out of sight.


 iPad / Android / Windows Tablet Enclosure


Our VidaMount VESA Tablet Enclosures are engineered like no other enclosure on the market today. With attention to details like a mic hole, speaker grill, interior pads for tablet protection, and a power button service knockout. Our enclosure fully wraps your iPad or Android tablet for the ultimate in protection and theft prevention.


An Effective Combination


The VidaMount Floor Standing iPad / Android Tablet Display is an elegant tablet kiosk that is perfect for trade show exhibitions, retail display environments, and public events. Its sturdy, free-standing design means you can easily create a tablet kiosk without the need for extra furniture. The heavy, solid metal base will keep the stand where you place it and withstand the high traffic abuse of typical kiosk environments.  Mount it down with a bolt/screw onto the floor, or even park a car’s tire over it.  It’ll handle the stress just fine!


Power Button Access


Our unique enclosure design provides a choice between open or limited power button access. As shipped, the enclosure covers the power button – removing the ability for a user’s finger to access the tablet’s power button. A tiny thru hole still provides the ability to actuate the power button using a paper clip or other tool. Alternatively – for free, unfettered power button access, the cover is removable as needed!


Theft Prevention


Our floor stand includes a Kensington Security Slot that is compatible with any Kensington laptop security lock and cable system.


Wire Management


Charging cable can be passed through the mounting plate’s center hole, which is sized to allow for most USB connectors to pass with ease, and into the stands hollow tube. Once in the tube, the cable can be passed through the bottom. A cutout is provided for easy routing of cable to a floor receptacle or other location. Everything is kept nice, neat, and out of sight!


Keep the Tablet Charged


Our unique charging solution can simplify the wiring of power to the iPad or Android tablet display while keeping the charging power adapter out of sight. In many cases, it can difficult and costly to run a dedicated AC outlet to each kiosk location.

Our VidaPower USB to CAT5 adapter is small enough to fit inside the stands inner tube and provide power directly to the tablets’ USB charging cable. The VidaPower USB to CAT5 adpater is POE compatible so it can be powered using a standard CAT5 cable.

This simplifies the wiring requirement and reduces installation costs. Now, you don’t need an expensive electrician to run your AC power. You can thank us later!

Optional Security Screw Kit


Our tamper-proof screw kit helps keep your tablet set up safe and secure, by changing the screws on the enclosure from Phillips to tamper-proof heads.

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