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Our LARGEST Vidamount Ever! Vidamount On-Wall Slim mount for 12.9-inch iPad Pro

Our LARGEST Vidamount Ever! Vidamount On-Wall Slim mount for 12.9-inch iPad Pro

With the unveiling of Apple’s BIGGEST iPad ever, the iPad Pro 12.9, we at Vidabox decided to make our BIGGEST Vidamount ever.  It’s only fitting that we have the BIGGEST new product announcement we’ve ever had. Vidabox is proud to announce our newest Vidamount On-Wall Slim mount for 12.9-inch iPad Pro. We even produced a Video for this big occasion!



About our Vidamount On-Wall Slim Mount?

Cable Management


We thought of everything, from fitting the iPad PRO’s Lightning cable, to a perfectly sized opening for the optional 3.5mm headphone jack and cord (to support add-on credit card readers), plus quick access to the power button – our enclosure was designed to fit your needs.

Easy Wall Installation


Would you rather have to do a huge wall cut out, or drill (4) anchors & screws to complete the install? (We’re guessing the latter / easier option!). VidaMount on-wall enclosures install in MINUTES – not hours!

Easy Tablet Access


Need to restart the tablet, change a USB peripheral, or access the electrical gang box quickly?  No problem!  Simply pull on the on-wall mount’s cover – which is held in place by sturdy, yet easy removable, snap-in magnetic snap buttons!



From company logos to fancy wood finishes, or glossy highlights to embossing – our durable customizations help blend any enclosure into your home or office, or enhance branding for your business. Add this affordable option to truly make these enclosures your own!

Keep the Power On!


Sometimes your project needs to be where electricity isn’t, so we offer advanced power solution to supply power from A/C outlets as far as 600’ away!

Using technology to carry low voltage power through Ethernet (CAT5) cables, our power solutions will make sure that power for your tablet – where you need it. Add a VidaPower Power Injector from an A/C wall outlet, then to a Ethernet (CAT5) cable, to our Power Adapter (USB to CAT5) and finally to your tablet’s USB cable.


A versatile, yet simple solution, for bringing power from way over there, to your tablet!

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