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Which is the best iOS tablet to use as digital signage and displays?

Which is the best iOS tablet to use as digital signage and displays?

So – you have a new project in hand, where we need to come up with a solution for using tablets as digital signage, a kiosk, or other interactive display.

iPad 2,3,4 used as digital signage

Let’s assume that we’ve found the ideal app / program that we’ll be using.  Between all of solutions – which one should we go with? How would we go about the selection process?

Some factors to consider are:

– What OS does our App work on?
– Screen Size
– Price & Availabilty

Let’s fully discuss each of these different points below:


1. What OS does our App work on?

The first factor that narrows down the exact tablet we’ll be using is – what OS does our desired app run on?

Based on industry trends, iOS tablets may be a good starting point, since iOS carries the most number of digital signage, kiosk, meeting room booking, and other interactive display apps available. However, don’t dismiss Android apps, as there may be some that meet our requirements as well, or even Windows Surface Pro tablets (working as a full fledged computer) may be up to task!

For simplicity & breadth of choice in apps, we generally recommend starting off with an iOS tablet if there’s not a fixed choice in the app we’re looking to use yet.  Even if we decide on an Android or Windows app – most likely, it will have an iOS compatible version (whereas it’s unlikely that an app will have an Android or Windows port).

Furthermore, if our project requirements change in the future / before the project is completed, we can easily “do more” than originally anticipated by simply switching between the tons of iOS digital signage, meeting room scheduling / conferencing, or other interactive kiosk display software!

(Sidenote: A blog post covering Android tabs is coming soon!)


2. Screen Size – How big should the screen be?

For the sake of discussion – let’s assume that we will go with iOS.  How do we further narrow down our choices, between the various types of iOS tablets?

To narrow down this list, we ask: How big of a screen does the display need to be?

Here is a general break down of these various tablets, into a few categories:

– iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad4
– iPad Air & Air 2
– iPad mini / mini with retina display / mini 3

If we need a more compact form factor – where space is at a premium, for example – we’ll go with the iPad mini.

Alternatively, for a larger display – go with the iPad 2, 3, 4, Air, or Air2 – all of which have a 9.7″ (250mm) screen – plenty of real estate for most applications.

Between these larger iPads, the exact selection depends on  the next factor – Price & Availability.


3. Price & Availability

Our final tablet choice may be dependent on the budget available.  For example – say if we need to go with as low cost of a tablet as possible.  While an older generation iPad 2, iPad 3 or iPad 4 may be best to help reduce cost (since they are older and considered outdated models).  These may only be a suitable choice if we needed just a handful or so of these tablets, as new / unused versions of these tablets may be hard to come by. (If used units are ok – this may be the best option!)

Alternatively, for best performance, choosing the newer iPad Air / Air 2 may be best – since they feature the most powerful processors to provide the most responsive user experience.

For lowest cost – yet guaranteed new – option, we recommend going with the iPad mini, mini 2, or mini 3. These will definitely cost less than the iPad Air / Air 2, and are ready for pickup from the Apple Store or via direct shipping – brand new, never used.

While these general guidelines  can help, nothing can beat the advice of an expert.  Have a project in mind?  Pick up the phone, and call us at: 844-4-KIOSKS!  We’d be happy to help with FREE design assistance, hardware selection, and guide you through the entire process to help ensure your project has the hardware that best fits YOUR unique needs!

Go Kiosks!
Team VidaBox

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